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Tanmeyah partners with Baheya Hospital to Raise Breast Cancer Awareness

The firm is pleased to share that it has commenced its collaboration with Baheya, a renowned cancer-specialized treatment institution in Egypt, to host a breast cancer awareness event at Tanmeyah’s headquarters. Tanmeyah is committed to prioritizing the well-being of its employees by recognizing the significance of raising awareness and providing support for breast cancer. We demonstrate a diligent commitment to organizing educational campaigns and actively promoting open dialogue. These efforts aim to cultivate a culture that prioritizes health and empowerment among its employees. We strive to create an environment that empowers individuals to recognize potential warning signs and take the necessary action towards combating this widespread disease. Through increased knowledge and understanding, employees can become more proactive in monitoring their health issues and in identifying any abnormalities, leading to the early detection of breast cancer, and significantly improving odds of overcoming this disease.
The importance of this event is amplified by the fact that over 45% of Tanmeyah’s customers and 30% of its employees are females. Therefore, it is essential to grow their awareness and spread knowledge of breast cancer across the entire organization.
Commenting on this event, CEO of Tanmeyah, Jinu Johnson said, “The well-being of our employees is of paramount importance to us, and we firmly believe in our responsibility to provide ample education on sensitive topics that affect millions of women from all over the world. Partnering with Baheya Hospital allows us the opportunity to provide invaluable expertise and knowledge to employees in our organization, as we collectively work towards raising awareness on the matter of breast cancer and ensuring a healthier lifestyle for them and their families.”
This collaboration with Baheya Hospital reinforces the company’s unwavering commitment to promoting a culture of care, fostering well-being, and continuously supporting employees in every aspect of their lives.