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We believe in ambitious, hard-working businesses

Tanmeyah offers loans from EGP 50,000 to EGP 100,000 to provide immediate liquidity to help very small enterprises (VSEs) manage their cashflow.

Who is it for

Financing for very small enterprises are personal loans given to business owners. Financing is available for all industries except for legally prohibited activities.
  • Very small but established businesses
  • Formal registered businesses that contribute to the development of the national economy


  • Working capital to improve cashflow
  • Loans from EGP 50,000 to EGP 100,000
  • Disbursement within 48 hours
  • Monthly payments
  • Medium-term lending, from 6 to 24 months
  • Tiered loans let businesses with good records access larger loans

General terms and conditions

  • Applicants must be Egyptian nationals
  • Applicants must be between 21 and 65 years old
  • Applicants must be owners of a pre-existing business
  • Valid national ID
  • Receipt utility bill
  • Commercial registration
  • Tax card