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Protecting and preserving trust

Tanmeyah helps those most in need improve their livelihoods through the provision of necessary avenues of financing unavailable to them through traditional banking channels. Core to this mission are the personal connections we form with our clients and their communities, and so we are committed to transparency and the ethical practices essential to building and respecting the trust that our customers place in us.

Tanmeyah’s corporate governance framework protects the interests of customers, employees, shareholders, and the communities where we work. We comply with all laws and regulatory requirements and require our employees to embody the highest ethical standards. Our strong approach to governance and risk mitigation have not only preserved our financial position but driven value for all stakeholders.

Our leadership, both management and the board of directors, are the innovators who turned microfinancing from a charitable institution into a commercial-scale industry in Egypt, and this experienced team actively oversees Tanmeyah’s strategies and activities. The board is governed by charters and frameworks that align with international best practices and works consistently to set strategies that guide the business in a transparent and ethical manner.

Managing risk

Tanmeyah is the largest microfinance provider in Egypt, one of the country’s fastest growing financial institutions, and an operator with one of the lowest non-payment rates in the industry. Micro-financing requires a different and more thorough approach to identifying and managing risk, and Tanmeyah embodies this throughout our business.

Our frameworks and policies help us identify, manage, and mitigate risks, and our leading microfinance technologies allow continuous risk monitoring and management. Equally important, through our in-house training and policies, we foster a culture of risk management across the organization, making risk awareness the responsibility of every person who works at Tanmeyah. Our thorough and solid ability to manage risk underpins our growth, customer satisfaction, and loan security.

Growing communities

At the heart of Tanmeyah’s business model is helping some of Egypt’s most underprivileged citizens carve out better lives for themselves and, in turn, their families and their communities at large.

It is also at the heart of our mission and values. In addition to serving our clients’ financial needs, we help them achieve their goals with guidance, training, and advice. We also hire from within the communities where we work, and through our extensive in-house training and career development, we are producing community leaders whose impact goes beyond just the clients we serve every day.

Naturally, our commitment to helping communities grow is reflected in our outreach initiatives. We focus on community learning, education, and vocational training, including mentorships and leadership programs.

Zewail ‘Special Student’s’ Program

Tanmeyah aims to promote scientific research and technology. As such, we have agreed with Zewail City of Science and Technology to provide 6 scholarships to high-achieving students.

Egyptian Microfinance Federation

In line with Tanmeyah’s desire to give back to the community and bolster the microfinance industry as a whole, we have agreed to sponsor the activities of the Egyptian Microfinance Federation, a win-win partnership that will also help expand the company’s outreach across Egypt.


Tanmeyah strives to boost tourism in various regions of Egypt while simultaneously preserving their environment and culture. As such, we have made contributions to the upkeep of the Marina Rest House on the Nubian Heissa Island, situated in Upper Egypt. To support community outreach, Tanmeyah hosted a two-day workshop on the fundamentals of handicraft and waste recycling at the local Community Center which accommodates up to 100 people.