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Living up to our name

Tanmeyah was formed to fill a major gap in Egypt’s social and economic growth: despite our country’s young and vibrant population, the majority of Egyptians and almost 65% of Egyptian businesses are considered “un-bankable” by major financial institutions, in accordance with the Central Bank of Egypt’s regulations. These business owners are cut off from the funds they need to grow their businesses and create jobs, denying their communities the means of improving their standard of living.

An ongoing success story

Tanmeyah continues to expand its footprint, availing financing programs to a larger number of people with limited access to capital and establishing new branches in the centers of towns and communities across Egypt. We continue to broaden our service offerings, having invested in fintech to reach customers on their mobile devices, and establishing core banking services that not only help us reach our customers but also provide a platform for other financial institutions to reach populations that are traditionally overlooked. In 2022, and through 306 branches nationwide, Tanmeyah provided credit to over 400,000 borrowers at a total value of EGP6.2 billion.

Tanmeyah has lived up to its name, remarkably growing its services and geographic scope in its short history and proving itself resilient to political and economic turbulence along the way. But the real growth story is the success of the businesses and customers that have chosen to work with Tanmeyah.


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Tanmeyah is founded and 38 branches are established in Cairo and Delta, serving 16,000 customers.


Tanmeyah’s network of branches grows to 88 across Egypt, revenues top EGP28.1 million, and the number of customers surpasses 69,000.


Tanmeyah reacts quickly to the political and economic turmoil of the 25th of January Revolution, retaining its employees by refraining from lay-offs and salary cuts. It increases its invested capital to EGP50 million, works to reduce loan risk below 5%, and invests in staff training. Remarkably, Tanmeyah grows to 94 branches across Egypt.


Tanmeyah grows to 105 branches across Egypt, primarily through expansion in Upper Egypt, building 10 new branches there. Hiring and training of staff also expands and the number of employees to more than 1,400. The number of customers reaches 80,000 with an issuance portfolio value of EGP247 million.


Tanmeyah provided financing of EGP458 million for 70,000 customers, with an outstanding loans value of EGP285 million.


Tanmeyah provided financing of EGP623 million through 82,738 issuances. Tanmeyah ends the year with 87,500 active borrowers and EGP380 million in outstanding loan value.


Tanmeyah provided financing of EGP868 billion through 108,203 issuances, accompanied by a notable growth in the number of branches to 114 nationwide.


Tanmeyah provided financing of EGP882 million through 96,631 issuances. The number of borrowers reached 96,004 serviced through 119 branches nationwide.


Tanmeyah provided financing of EGP2.0 million through 179,165 issuances, while the number of borrowers increased to 166,649 and branches to 150 nationwide.


Tanmeyah provided financing of EGP4.43 billion through 308,146 issuances. This was accompanied by a notable growth in borrowers to 292,605 by the end of the year serviced through 248 branches nationwide.


Tanmeyah provided financing of EGP3.2 billion through 351,321 issuances, serviced through 268 branches nationwide.


Tanmeyah provided financing of EGP3.0 billion though 312k issuances and 335K borrowers by the end of the year, serviced through 286 branches nationwide.


Tanmeyah provided financing of EGP5.1 billion though 367k issuances and 381K borrowers by the end of the year, serviced through 300 branches nationwide.


Tanmeyah provided financing of EGP6.2 billion through 371K issuances and 379k borrowers, serviced through 306 branches nationwide.